Book a space at the Feeba Holiday Camp

Please use the form below to sign up for our football camp during the May Half-Term! Don’t worry, you aren’t signing your life away, it’s just us getting all the details we need for your daughter to attend 🙂

To book your daughter’s or daughters’ spot, simply fill out the form below and transfer your payment to Feeba Football Ltd.

(Acc. No.: 22867275; Sort Code: 60-83-71).

We will then use the email address you list to send you a confirmation and all the details about the camp before its start date.

Please enter your child’s name above. If you are registering siblings please use “/” between their first names (e.g. Charlotte / Lucy)
Please select the dates that you would like to book a camp day space for. You can book on to more than one 🙂
Please enter a contact email. This will be used to send you information about the camp days.
Please enter a mobile or telephone number we can use to contact a parent or carer in the case of an emergency.
Please let us know who to expect when picking up your child from the camp. If this changes please let the coaches know on the day so we can safely dismiss your child.